BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

truly shocked

I recieved an email that was one of the most biased,racist,horrible things I have read in a long time. I get forwards from a certain other friend a lot that talks about other nationalities in a negative way and i've never liked it. This email was horrible and hurtful. I am constantly correcting people for using the N word and saying negative things about other people. Now suddenly because you are close to me you think that it is okay to send me trash like that. It seems like when you recieve forwards that are closeminded you would think twice before sending it out to other people. Its like all the religious emails, you dont send those to everyone you know.. only people who would be interested. i try not to forward things that arent going to interest the recipient. This email was sent to many people and I don't think that everyone who read it agrees and thinks its funny. It is sad. I know that the sender has racial feelings and some other issues but damn, this was by far sad because a lot of people opened that email. how disappointing.
grr.. anywho.. its time to sleep FINALLY. long ass night at work and I feel wasted.
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