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Black Lives Matter

Check out this link http://www.blacklivesmattersyllabus.com

What you will find here is a guide to resources and discussions to educate ourselves on the Black Lives Matter movement and Black history. I think it is very important, especially in America today, that we get our noses out of the sand and stand up for one another. I can't do that without being prepared with the knowledge of people way smarter than I am. I intend to read these books, watch these movies, and prepare for battle against a country that often doesn't understand why there is racial tension to begin with and how we can all help create the change.

My week in photos

White dress you all loved

I felt compelled to share this since so many of you commented on liking this dress. It is very comfy and I'm wearing it to church today.

My old Minnesota friend, Kyle, was in town for a few days and crashed on our couch. We haven't talked in over 5yrs just because distance happens. But as soon as she was here we picked up like we never left off. That was nice.

With Kyle

Yesterday and this morning we gardened. We pulled weeds, decreased the heaps of mulch, planted bulbs, and put down new red mulch (it was black). It was exhausting but will look good once our flowers start popping up.

Looks weak but will grow into awesomeness

Before 9:30am today we had dropped Kyle at the airport, swam at the gym, went to home depot, and mulched the yard!

Today we will be painting a planter in glow in the dark paint and putting some blossomed plants into it in the backyard. That way Joyce can have some flowers to look at out the window. I am excited to see what it looks like once it is dark! Plus, the grass will get mowed today. We finally have a nice weather weekend so we must take advantage of it.

Tomorrow we are off work and will go work out, go on a long walk with the dogs, and take Joyce to a Dr appt. It'll be nice. I'm premaking some food for the week, too. Turkey meatballs and scones, yummy.



I participated in an A to Z swap in one group. The letters I signed up for are T,V,Y, and Z. Below are the cards from that swap.

a-z swapCollapse )

I have so many cards to post from the past week or so. Expect more in the coming days!


Weird spots

I'm at urgent care waiting to be seen for a strange rash on my arm. Suggested diagnosis: shingles, impetigo, scabies, or allergic reaction. It's very itchy and the original bumpy area is very red and uncomfortable. The larger cluster that appeared this morning itches slightly but not as bad as the original ones. It started on Wednesday and I thought I had a bite of some sort. The itchiness has gotten worse and now it spread so here we sit at the office hoping to figure out what it is. Anti-itch creams and antibiotic creams were effective for short periods of time. Yesterday I covered it with gauze to reduce my itch compulsion but it didn't last. On Friday the original bumps popped themselves in the shower and clear liquid came out. Then they got harder and scabby but no less itchy.
photographic evidenceCollapse )

Day 1

Friday was awesome mostly. Ariel and I went out for breakfast, went to a gift shop near the Maritime Museum, went to La Jolla Cove to see seals, drove through Coronado Island area. That was all before 2pm. Then we checked into the rental house and went grocery shopping. At around 4:45 our travel companions found their way to us. Remember they aren't planners so they just didn't meet up with us all day!

At Maritime Museum

It was so sunny and hot that I probably should have bought shorts immediately but I didn't.

La Jolla Cove seals

I was so happy to visit the cove and see the seals. I really wanted to be closer so I climbed a mountain of rocks..but it didn't put me closer. My thighs and feet still hurt from this excursion.

I climbed through this barefoot..It was a near death experience.

I really enjoyed Ariel showing me around and getting to see the areas that I knew I wanted to visit.

Love the waves

I was very annoyed that our travel companions ditched us. They were incommunicado for most of the day. Then text "we would like to see you before our evening plans" and then came to the house for an hour. I was really irritated but whatever. They made plans to go out tonight also so it really feels like they are on a 2 person vacation and just happen to be in the same house as us. I'm trying not to act like my feelings are hurt but they are. This is not what I envisioned.

Last night my friend Dan and his wife Ali came over for dinner. I hadn't seen him in ten years since he moved to California from Michigan. It was great to catch up and meet Ali. We played the card game Never Have I Ever. We were not drunk but it was so much fun and we laughed a lot. Learned a lot about one another and there was no judgement. I would recommend it only in a group of laid back friends. Stiff people will not enjoy the cards or admitting to things they've done sexually or whatever. They are going to join us on our adventures today. I also drank a Loko last night. Has anyone drank these canned booze drinks? Pretty tasty and got me very tipsy.

Dan and Ariel playing cards

I can't find a mail box anywhere and that has made me increasingly sad. Our rental guy says it's because mail boxes were blown up a few yrs ago and they didn't replace them in the neighborhoods. Boo!

4 linked by letters pals

Today we venture to Balboa Park and to the ocean again. We might go to a museum or other part of the city too. No clue what our evening plans will be yet, hopefully more relaxing. My feet are still hurting from climbing and I need to figure out a pain remedy.

It's only 6:30 am but I'm going to make myself breakfast, shower, and go for a walk. Everyone else is fast asleep!


A fun card from Netherlands. It came with a stack of coloring sheets!

a few moreCollapse )

India cards
These were sent to me from greeneyedsadie


Postcard Round Up

A Moomin card!
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Postcard Roundup

Only 4 cards this week..

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I just typed a really eloquent long freaking review of this book.. and LJ killed it. *F You!!!

I had not heard any reviews or read anything about this book. I found it while googling Black Lives Matter book recommendations. In an effort to educate myself and be able to discuss history of Black America, I'm trying to read more on the history and struggles. I purchased it from an independent bookstore in Furguson, Missouri. Today I finished it and read the New York Times review from 2011. I completely agree with the final statement of the review "Sometimes writers tell us something familiar — something that we already know, or that we should know — but they do it in such a creative and cleareyed way and with such force that we begin to see things differently independent of any new information."

Things that I took from the book:
(1) History of Jim Crow laws and the generational understanding of race struggles
(2) Reasoning behind wealthy Blacks blaming poor Blacks for thier own situation rather than the institutional reasons
(3) Black America was unified as one body during the Civil Rights movement but over time in an attempt to be equals, there is no unification. Today there is no solid Black America, only Black Americans.
(4) Struggles of immigrants and biracial people in America. I'd like to read more about this and will likely look into it.. add some immigrant books to the list
neslihan and I are going through together! :)
       On this note, I enjoyed the references to Barack Obama and his struggle as a biracial "black leader" and how that has effected the culture of Black Americans. Many Black people did not support his candidacy because he wasn't black enough and didn't offer many special privileges to blacks who felt they deserved special treatment. Obviously, a lot of white people were against him too, for being too black. He just couldn't win.. BUT HE DID!
(5) Think about the way Blacks are treated in general society, regardless of their socio-economic status.. they can't escape judgement from "old timers" as well as new immigrants and one another.

I would definitely recommend this if you are into case studies and books that really inform you and make you think simultaneously about what you think you know. I really had to think about the things I've believed about different sects of the Black community here- stereotypes of the poor, and judgment of the wealthy, and why people struggle and police still target them.

My next read will be We by Y. Zamyatin.. it is the first book in the Bil-Leslie book club! There is still time to get in the book club, just order a book on your ereader or in paper copy and we'll read together and chatter away.