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Postcard friends

Anyone interested in blank cards? I barely send cards and have so many boxes of them. I have mostly modern postcards and a selection of antique cards- mostly France/Europe if I remember correctly. I think I have some linen postcards too. I have lots of cards of art as that was my thing I liked to send. Lol.

Let me know!

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More death

You guys, what the f is happening?? On the 17th one aunt died and on the 19th another aunt died! This is all on my mom's side and way too much for any one family in a year. Five deaths in one year in one family. :(

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Quarantine Day 24

It's true what they say that if you do something for 21 days it will basically become routine. What has become routine for me is being at home, waking up at 8am instead of 6am, and working at home with four other people. We have finally created a schedule that works for Aubrey to do her school work, get help from us, and lets us get our own work/school things done. I had many complaints those first few weeks, like I could go on for hours and hours about how frustrated I have been with Aubrey's attitude, my own lack of motivation, feeling stuck with so many other people in a 1500 square foot house, and missing people that I don't live with. Yesterday I turned a corner and am working on seeing the positive moments and holding on to those.

In that vain, here are things that have made me happy lately:

(1) family game night- we have done this twice and both times everyone was laughing and having a good time together
(2) Spring yard work - we all worked outside without complaint for two days and got the yard in great shape. Aubrey commented "today we turned a new leaf" and it really made me feel good that she appreciated the joy of working together on something
(3) Mom and Aubrey made homemade cinnamon rolls and they are amazing! Aubrey didn't stick with mom through to  baking them but did roll out the dough and get them shaped so I will give her credit for working with my mom when she wasn't really in the mood
(4) My niece had a temperature and was feeling really crappy for 2 days and we were freaking out and on day 3 she was MUCH improved so we did not go to the doctor and today she continues to feel like her usual self
(5) Video chats with friends
(6) Having a clean house- thanks mom, Aubrey and Natalie.
(7) On Friday Cole and I went into my office to work because we were at our wits end with Aubrey and needed some space. It was great to be away from home, breathing different air for a few hours.
(8) We are mostly eating healthier because I am cooking at home. Lots of grill nights and simple vegetable filled dinners that we can all enjoy
(9) Walking. My feet tend to hurt all the time, year around, so walking is not my preferred exercise. I have been going out with Cole for at least one walk a day and it's brightening my soul and helping me feel rejuvenated to come back and do the school/work things on my to-do list. It really helps that we are finally turning towards Spring and the sun is out and it feels so good to be outside.
(10) The dogs. They are constantly with us, laying on our legs, following us outside, and comforting us when we feel isolated. Dogs are a human's best friend!
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All day has been a hurry up and wait game. I went to an 8am appointment and wasn't seen until 9:30. The visit was not even 4 minutes and I was scheduled for a procedure and sent on my way. That made me miss my dentist appointment and I had to pay a $75 fee for that.

I spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with Mom's insurance. She was terminated from PA Medicaid on 2/29/2020. No notice was recieved by us until the pharmacy and doctor office started calling for "updated information." She might qualify for Medicare so I tried to do that online that. I feel like I did something wrong so I called the number for Social Security. Of course I wait for an hour for the representative to say "we can mail you this form" so I did that.

I am really stressed about my mother not having her medications. She's dependent on meds for Bipolar Disorder, COPD and Rheumatoid arthritis, along with some lesser issues. She can't get therapy now, no check ups on her ongoing issues. She had an echo scheduled today by the cardiologist but that's a no-go now. She missing yearly gynecology check up, her next pulmonology, urology, and rheumatology appointments

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When i see news headlines that say "worst parenting mistakes" i automatically think the rest of the article should conclude with "having kids is the worst parenting mistake"

I do not want to live this parenting on high alert life anymore.


Black Lives Matter

Check out this link

What you will find here is a guide to resources and discussions to educate ourselves on the Black Lives Matter movement and Black history. I think it is very important, especially in America today, that we get our noses out of the sand and stand up for one another. I can't do that without being prepared with the knowledge of people way smarter than I am. I intend to read these books, watch these movies, and prepare for battle against a country that often doesn't understand why there is racial tension to begin with and how we can all help create the change.