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So here we are all wondering where do we fit into this world.. and I got an email from CJ today that really got me to thinking about me and my label of lesbian and where does that fit me in?! and what if i liked grrls that aren't totally identifying as lesbians.. like my grrls that are boi's and things like that. So if i like a boi, does that make me any less of a good lesbo? does that make me anything different? i like to think that my orientation is not jeopardized because of who i care about. BUT in actuality is it? how will people see me if say me and Tom went out instead of the me and Tristia? Would it make a difference in how people treat us or look at us? I wonder.. I have always been attracted to grrls that can pass as guys. I dont necessarily think that is a bad thing. its just weird to write here so that everyone can see it and think things about me.. and I hope that whatever you are thinking isnt bad or twisted. ( i just want to be accepted )I like that Tris is a sexy female and a hot guy. It's a real turn-on to me. The first time i saw her as Tom was at me and roxanne's and it was fun times. I think that was the same night that we told eachother we liked eachother and really got to talking.. then when i saw her at the Tri doing drag, it was even more of a happy feeling. Something about that side of her really is awesome. Stacey and I were talking about this earlier and how some chics like boi's ( i dont mean gay boys when i say that, i mean grrl bois.) and its awesome that she gets it, because she herself is a boi.. not identifying as trans, just as an alterna-boi. and thats cool and thats accepted b/c its who she is. and i hope that everyone i know feels comfortable enough to be who they are and not feel like any of us would ever judge you. its normal, everything that we all are is normal. and i wonder if i am going to have to change a label.. eh, probably not. i like me how i am and i think that tristia and all of my friends like me how i am, too. so yea. its okay to like different types of people. and im not trying to pin any labels on anyone. Just thinking about my own and all that.. ranting and raving..
last GSA meeting in 3 minutes. Gonna be fun times. Get to hang out with Tristia afterward and CJ and Carrie. GOOD TIMES! i luv u all.

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