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better days ahead

i did something today that i havent done in 2 years! i called in to work at the YWCA. My back and stomache have been hurting (do to meds maybe) and i was an emotional mess. So, it worked out. Angie needs some money quick so she picked up my hours. I really appreciate that. i owe her big time. I spent the afternoon making up with Tristia. We had LONG talk and then we bought some things for the house and cuddled. It was good times just relaxing and trying not to feel yucky. The past 3 days now my kidneys have been hurting alot. this is making me have to go potty more often than i would like to. i hope once i'm done with the meds i will be all better and my body will go back to normal. my manager said some other folks around the YWCA and his girlfriend were all talking about stomache problems. Maybe there is a flu or something going on that i am missing. I have to go to bed in like 20 minutes so that i'm not so exhausted tomorrow. I didnt sleep well lastnight and i need to catch up on my Z's. I've made some new online friends lately and that surely makes me happy. i love talking to new people. it makes me happy.and there's no drama b/c we dont know eachother in life. lol. YAY for that. I think i get to bake at work tomorrow, thats UBER EXCITING. something new besides doing the counter work. ehg. sometimes that is just so not fun. alright, off for an icebath and maybe a shower for two.

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