BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

trans misinterpretation

all to often i come across something that sparks me. I wanted to share this..

Things I have (mis)learned from the trans community

1. Not being medically transitioned
a) Misses the whole point of being trans, thus automatically voiding any assertion one may make about one's cross-gendered identity, even/especially to other transpeople
b) is synonymous with being a crossdresser or genderqueer
c) limits one to relationships only with those who are attracted to the gender of one's birth sex (lesbians and straight men for FTMs, and gay guys and straight women for MTFs)

2. Those who are technically transgendered/transsexual but do not identify as either are superior to those self-identified as transsexual, who are superior to those who identify as transgendered, who are superior to crossdressers and genderqueers.

3. Those in the lower two ranks defined in #2 are cowards who merely want the novelty of being unconventionally gendered without facing the struggle of a proper transition.

4. Being particularly attracted to transpeople is a heinous crime that reduces us to sub-human objects of fetish and is just disgusting.

5. Transpeople should realise that they're damn lucky to have transsensuals and trannychasers who are particularly attracted to them because it's not like anyone else will have them anyway!

6. The only transpeople who exist are
a) MTFs (if you're MTF)
b) FTMs (if you're FTM)

7. There is offense and bigotry and objectification to be found in any statement made about transfolk - or any statement, period.

8. Passing is the most important part of being trans, and the most important thing in the world. The less easily you pass, the less respect you deserve as a human being.

9. Being trans is the worst possible thing that can happen to you. If you're not miserable over it, you're probably just a poser.

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