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I HAVE NO MOTIVATION. My rootcanal is coming apart. So, I called the dentist. They can get me in Wednesday but the problem with that is I leave for NYC wednesday morning. So, I have to wait til the following Monday. I am scared, though. If it falls out all of the way it will hurt and my nerves will be exposed. Bla. I knew I should have had it capped years ago but i didnt have a problem with it so i let it go. Grr. Now, I really have to watch what I'm chewing. My speedway check is lost in the mail. Because of the direct deposit everything is screwed up and I wont get it until maybe Monday. BUT I did get my YWCA check and that was fabulous. We really need the money considering we have bills and I'm going on a trip next week. Lastnight I swear I had a hot flash or something. We were laying on the couch. (i finished the 1st book, started on the 2nd) and I got really hot and tired. So, I fell asleep but that didnt last long b/c i felt like i was cramped into a little box. My limbs hurt/ached and I was burning up. I turned the airconditioner on High and got in bed. WOAH. yea for falling asleep in your lovers arms. Today i havent achieved that much but I need to do a lot of things. At least all of the pets are fed, that's a plus. I finally called around to the PIP people again. So far, no one is saying anything. I have to go to MCC today for a meeting about the trip. While I am there, I will fill out the paperwork for the GSA's donation. eh. then i work 3-11 tonight. Tomorrow is tristia's bday!! we are having a party around 8:30pm.. when we get back from Hotter than July. holla latah.

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