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fun times

im so exhausted. yesterday was my day off so i laid in bed most of the day.. only getting up to see adam and mike.. then i cleaned a little.. rested some more. then off to partying at the girls house. it was really fun times. stacey got really drunk and was crazy he kept saying 'im a tranny boi' and it was making me insane. i just wanted to be say why are you saying it so damn much!! then beth, his pal, said he was being like that because he didnt want to be in michigan with us.. so i was not in the mood. and tristia got me a stuffed lamb and made it smell like her.its so adorable. then back to apartment and crazy shit went down.. today work 7-3. lashon beat a customer up, so that was interesting. then my phone is shut off AGAIN because of stupidness.. made me angry. was trying to get some insurance and i realize how much i hate my life today.
i seriously want to fight someone!! i just want to hit someone and have them hit me back, i need to let out some aggression. blah! so yea.
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