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another long night

Jaime, Tristia and I took Stacey home last night. OMG, it was the longest fucking trip I have been on in a long time. Jaime took a wrong turn and so we were going to be in Ann Arbor instead of more towards Ohio..and she wouldnt stop to get directions. Tristia was screaming at her to stop and ask someone..She stopped but wouldn't ask. So I jumped out of the Explorer and asked the fat man inside. He was nice. Then Tristia was driving and TADA we were back on the expressway that we needed to be on. Grr.. and then tristia and i slept in the back seat and stacey took a pic of us.. which I will be wanting a picture of!! and then stacey was home.. Tristia slept most of the way back to MI except when we stopped at Arby's to eat. and that was funny.. her food sucked and the manager guy scared the shit out of jaime by tapping on her window. lol. but it was funny.. and then i went to sleep and jaime brough tme home. sleepy time.. where i dreamed that tristia didnt want to be with me.. which made me sad. *tears* blah.. waiting on precious to get ready so she can go to court with me. i really dont want to go. i get nervous around authority people. and the thought of going to court freaks me out. I have been to court before and it scared me. i was just a little kid then but yea. its just for my stupid ticket. so i wanna get it over with already. and then i get to work tonight.. YAY! blah. so tired and the day just got started. damn. im not gonna make it today. but im off tomorrow. so im excited that i have some time to myself to do whatever.. and i have a trick up my sleeve..
oh.. on another note. i hate stupid ass people. i found out something interesting last night. and i just want that person to know if that person happens to read this that what goes around comes around. and yea.. give it time!

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