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Bowling league

its not usually something i get into.. but i'm going to do the gay bowling league with tristia this time. I think we found a couple who want to join with us. I don't know how official that is because one gal doesnt know if the other is okay with it. Anyone who wants to do bowl on the league should attend a meeting Aug 28 at B's Bowling at Court & Center. (dont i sound commercialized) So, we need 4 to make a team. If these ladies don't work out we want YOU.
Good news, my cousin gets married on Saturday and mom and Andy are coming up for it. I'm really excited. I guess they are looking at a car shop up here. (my stepdad runs a garage) They might be moving up here. How unreal is that?! There has been so much wishywashy and plans failing that I don't know whether to even hope that they will move. So, I'm not gonna make it a big deal.
Today T stopped holding my hand as a family of 4 walked past. The couple was in their 20s and the kids were like 2 & 4 years old. It was so weird. She just dropped my hand and then after they passed us she grabbed my hand. It really hurt my feelings that she wasn't comfortable holding my hand in front of them. She didn't even know them. Her reasoning was that she didn't want to put the parents in the situation of having to explain it to their kids. I don't see why the lil kids would notice the difference and ask, but it could happen. I don't agree with her action at all. If you can't hold my hand in public, don't hold my hand in private. That's never happened between us and I really didn't know how i was supposed to react. So i was sad.
She rearranged, again. It looks really nice. I'm proud of all the things she has accomplished lately. I'm so lucky to have her..

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