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*didnt go to court.. freaked out..
*gonna have a bench warrant (not excited) dont wanna go to jail LOL
*gonna somehow take care of all this
*missed my grrl today
*found out that my work schedule for the next 2 weeks really sucks.
*remembered that i forgot that im going to lori's tomorrow to split up candy
* i have tomorrow off.. and i wanna do something cute

My apartment is in total disarray. Caid sold most of his big shit so its all piled up to be taken out. and so i think i am gonna start moving my stuff to Dee's too. so that i can be out when caid is and things wont look/feel so empty. i hate moving and the emptiness of everything. its another chapter closed and it makes me sad. i'm gonna miss all my experiences there.. 21st bday party, the fights (omg, there were many), the breakup, the hookup, me and matt bonding, me and kyle bonding, movie nights, the big bathtub! ahh.. good times. anywho.. i got to talk to tris tonight before she had to go to bed and it made me happy. she is over on minutes so i never get to talk to her. we text a lot. lol. i was happy to hear her voice. it made the day seem a little better. off to bed i go now.

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