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wonderful weekend

This weekend has kicked ass. Yesterday we finished painting and cleaned up half of the mess. Then went to my cousins wedding reception which was GREAT. I love spending time with my family. It was open bar so everyone acted CRAZY. My grandmother actually danced to Baby Got Back. IT WAS HALARIOUS. it was goodness. Then we were leaving and Tris called J and it was her Bday so we went to the triangle at 9pm. lol. NO one was there, but it picked up after a while. We saw lots of folks that we knew.. good and bad. Had the best time just dancing and talking and drinking. Seems like I've gone wild the past few weeks. I guess I gotta get all my partying out before school starts in a few weeks. I think we might have a small get together to celebrate being finished painting. How funny are we. I'll let you know if that pans out. Today we took mom donuts at like 10am. I dont know how i was up that early. We came home and finished cleaning for good. Then made stuff for the family cookout that started 15 minutes ago. LOL. We will be leaving here soon. I really like spending time with my family. It makes me happy. My mom stole another Beta fish from the reception hall, so we have 2 now. One of them escaped today into a box and lived. That was halarious. Alright, gotta get going. xoxo. read monkey_on_acids's journal if you want to hear the fish story.

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