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early day of work today b/c i was here for like millions of hours yesterday. gonna go home and read the 5th Harry Potter.. yea i am zooming right through them. cant wait to be done and i just started this book. tristia starts work at the YWCA today so yay. plus working the next 35 days straight. Her aunt won't be gettin back to work for a while b/c of her injured foot. that sucks. somehow, hopefully tris will be able to get a day off here and there. she's trying to get her boss to work on saturday so that we can go to the Speakers Bureau training. yeehaw. School starts soon and my financial aid is still not in the place it should be.. i dont know how i'm gonna buy my books if this doesnt come through. its been like a month. grr. Ok, time to go. have a GREAT day all.

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