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Talk about Productive

I have done a lot of stuff today. I worked (we had another quitter) and then I went to school and bought my books. I am officially set for the fall semester. I came home and started the laundry. Then I email out all this shit I've been procrastinating on. this includes contacts for TGMI, panel questions for speakers bureau, flier for student rally, and returning emails. I have to do a brochure next and I want to start going over my books and maybe get a head start on classes. I need to get busy on the student newsletter. I need to make a uniform layout and a cost proposal. Sure thats gonna excite me, right? Tonight we are redecorating the bedroom, we hate it now. So, thats my life. sort of pissed about the no call/no show today. i didnt even know until she was 1 hr late b/c i was cooking and didnt come up front. what a bitch. oh well. we will make it. I'm seriously tryin not to stress about my time management. i want to take this position once P moves so i'm doing my best. i'm worried that i won't be able to do it, though. It's like I want to, but I dont know if it fits with all this other stuff.I think I will see how i make it through the first month of classes before i decide if the position is right for someone else. i gotta get ready to get tris from work. PEACE

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