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its always something ya know. no matter how good things seem to go then something bad happens. its really sad. So today I worked and left early to prepare for my presentation to the MCC faculty.. which i was very disappointed. I put in a lot of work to have 9 people come. Oh well, though. At least a few profs got the idea of what its like to be in a class and have a prof call another student a fairy and shit like that. So, we addressed issues in the classroom and how teachers can make things safe for LGBT students. it was interesting. then i went downstairs to walk Gary through the financial aid process and he is FINALLY IN for good. we got him classes and everything. All he has to do now is show up. I am excited for him. Then on my way back to the YWCA tris called and was crying that she wasnt going to work. So i went and told them and then came home to take care of her. (her gramma's body is rejecting a blood transfusion and its causing a lot of problems. so they are gonna try to get her more blood that is as close to her type as humanly possible so she doesnt get worse) We decided to go spend $$ we dont have and ate at Chili's and it was amazing. I hadn't been there in at least 10 years I think. lol. The waitress totally kicked ass, too. then we bought a card for her mom and one for our old advisor who just had surgery. so yea, life is picking up I think. We also joined the Rainbow Pride Bowling League. Yeppers, me and bowling. Never been my past time but its a fun way to spend a few hours on Sundays and it helps me relieve stress.

Here are my commitments for this year:

9 credits of college courses 2 days a week

Student Governement - vice pres - every other week

Gay Straight Alliance - some postion of authority - once a week

LDIR (if chosen to participate)  6 month program 2 meetings a month

TransGender Michigan - volunteer coordinator/public relations officer 1 meeting plus events

Rainbow Bowling - every sunday

Bean Counter - working 40 hours a week


yea, i think i can do homework sometime. lol. this will be a busy time. plus this project i am working on for mother. eh, off to relaxation land now.


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