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long nights sleep

I got more sleep last night than i have in a long long time. it was so nice. Yesterday I cleaned the house some more and waited til tris came home. then we got ready and went to the funeral home. we invited her brother to stay with us so that her parents could have some alone time w/o dealing with him (he has ADHD and sometimes gets really hyper and stuff). Then we went to T's bday party for like an hour. I got pissed off so i wanted to come home. There was pudding wrestling (we were not participants). Well, this girl I don't even know came up behind me and grabbed my hair and put chocolate pudding in it. I was so mad. GRRR! So, i went inside. tried to get it out. There were like 4 other grrls in the bathroom doing the same thing b/c this one girl was getting everybody. ahh.. so we said bye and left.. but not before we got a picture of T covered in pudding squatting to piss. lol. happy 21st bday to her. we came home and passed out. then i awoke at 10am like i cant believe i slept like that. i slightly remember telling tris this mornign to take pudding to work to feed the old people. lol. i hate talking in my sleep i dont make any sense. so, i am going to make something for breakfast and read my sociology. gotta go back to the funeral home when tristia gets here. tomorrow is the funeral. i already told my prof's so thats all good.
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