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day one DONE

OK, got up on time and got to work 2 minutes late. Still a good day though.. sort of. Things weren't stocked and I had to run the cafe today instead of cooking which is what I am usually doing. So, I made a list of cafe things to do to keep the girls busy. We keep getting complaints about things looking dirty and bad customer service. We aim to remedy that. I think they are gonna think I am a bitch. Sara called me a dictator today. lol. I don't think I am that bad. There is a lot of free time that they aren't utilizing to clean, organize, or stock. This makes more work for everyone else. If we work as a team it will definitely go over a lot easier. So, I made daily lists and a list for M to do tonight so that she isn't bored. Sometimes she decides to just read instead of the assigned tasks.. or even the obvious ones. ex: no coffee cups. HELLO. get some. So yea. Besides that, P was in a bad mood because of home stuff and that sucked. I was there for 10 hours and i swear it felt like a million. Tristia picked me up and we went to make up the bowling that we missed Sunday night. I got 3 strikes in a ROW! woohoo. I hadn't bowled in like 5 years either. hehe. this league will be fun. My arm hurts from trying different size balls though. If I plan on doing this long term I might just buy a ball meant for me, like Tristia has. and some cute skater/bowling shoes. We will see. I am on the league for at least 8 months, so it might be to my advantage. eh.

We then came home and I made some dinner that was AWESOME. She is at her gramma's (on her dads side) scrapbooking right now. They do tuesday scrap nights.I was gonna but I was really tired after work and bowling. I let her go all alone. Plus I need to scan some pics before I can do any more pages. The damn scanner doesnt match the computer so it won't let us install it.I think we are gonna sell it anyway, along with the printer. We are gonna buy the cool printer, copier, scanner thing from Sam's like P has in his office. Hopefully it won't suck. I get so frustrated at technology especially when its supposed to be so simple. Now.. off to lay in bed and watch Law and Order.. i think it should be on already. hopefully I will fall into a wonderful sleep and tris will snuggle up to me when she gets home. I was so tired last night I couldn't sleep.literally. off to lullaby land..

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