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so, just when I was thinking about telling this job to shove it..
Capricorn: There's a lot to think about right now. An offer to rent or buy a larger home might be out of your immediate budget parameters, but it's opportunities like this that allow you to grow. That goes double for work challenges that you're convinced you're not ready for. Hogwash! If you weren't ready for it, you wouldn't be given the chance. Run some numbers, call in some favors, and you'll be pleasantly surprised that you can actually make it all work.


I went back up to Bean Counter when I had my hour break at school. Guess what? The pies burned. No warm catering food. So, the CEO, head or Marketing, and the Executive Assistant all made a meal for Applewood due in 45 minutes from the time someone realized pies were burned. When I get there, Ellen is running out the door and Valerie and Karen are trying to role everything out of the building to load it in the car. OMGoodness. It was DISASTEROUS. but whatever. they salvaged as best as they could. I cleaned up challenging racism and some lil stuff from the LDIR meeting. washed dishes, still more to do tomorrow. I stuffed croissants in every possible place we can put them. OMG, they take up SO much space. Sara was panicking because it's not her job and she screwed up. Well, it isn't her job and so what?! I was really upset about it at the time but not so much now. I don't think it is right for us to expect anyone else to do our jobs. I do not think I will be able to handle the duties of a manager and go to school. I mean what the hell is going to happen once P leaves and I am 'in charge'? I still have school commitments and I can't just up and leave unfinished business. It's not my style. I hate HAVING to depend on ppl who dont know the procedure. I was so freaked out in my classes b/c I wanted to be sure that Sara was following instructions right and stuff. I dont like the expectation that I can drop it all and just do it. I think that's what everyone wanted BUT NO! It's so frustrating for someone to hand you all this shit and say 'Here do it, and, by the way, you get no help'. fuck it. grr. school blows. I am not doing as well in keyboarding as I want to be doing. I hate the stupid exercises. I don't use the correct fingers but I still type like 63-80 words per minute in most cases. that is making like 5 errors. which she says are too many and so i have to do the same damn things 5 times and then I really get tired of looking at it and my eyes and hands hurt. AHH. German good so far. Sociology, I like the professor but I think I want to tell him I feel excluded because every example of poeple is heterosexual and i don't relate. grr. Since we just did this workshop a few weeks ago about making the classroom safer, I wonder what I should do. heh. email him, talk to him, give him information? I dunno. anyhow.. gonna lay down I got another LONG day tomorrow. work then meetings from 2-5 then SCRAPBOOKING woot woot

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