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1) What novel character describes you best? The main character of True Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady

2) Rock star or Actor, which would you prefer to be? Why? Rock Star, you don't have to memorize anything and you can travel and where whatever you want

3) Which public female past or present is the epitomy woman to you? Why? I have a hard time with this question. I will get back to it.

4) Which public male past or present is the epitomy male to you? Why? same as above.

5) Which movie, past or present seems like it was made directly from a slice of your life? nothing that i can think of.

6) Which defines you more, your tragedies or your triumphs? TRIUMPHS

7) A child or a pet, which would you rather have? I would rather have children but that takes a little more time/effort/money than we have at this moment so i love my kitties.

8) Your favorite childhood toy? My little poney and my butch barbies

9) If you could change one thing about each of your parents, what would it be? Mother: i would make her stop lying when she thinks its helping the situations Father: everything, make him understand that he wasn't just a donor

10) If you were on a packed elevator and your ass crack was itching, what would you do? itch!

11) What is the difference between a child's painting and an adult who chooses to paint like a child? In other words, what is art, to YOU?
Art is art no matter who is doing it. I think it depends on the piece in particular.

12) Brad and angelina, do you really give a fuck? Not so much

13) If you could choose a different color for the sky, what would it be?
bright green

14) Think of yourself and quickly answer: what is the first thing about you that pops to mind?
am i beautiful

15) If the world really was your oyster, would you sell it or keep it and admire its beauty? ah.. i would probably keep it. At least then i would know what to expect of the leader.

16) If women ruled the world, what specific thing do you think would be different? tolerance of other countries

17) If you wouldnt get into trouble and no one knew, what illegal thing would you do? have sex everywhere

18) What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? a girl getting beat up by a gang of girls

19) If you could replace the current president with any from history, who would it be? I dunno

20) Your favorite place to have lunch or dinner? I like Chili's now, I used to like Angelo's but now they are out of business.

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