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so i slept like 4 hours, didn't take the meds. i am scared to. as i had said, he didnt tell me anything about it. so when i got it, it is an antidepressant used to control anxiety disorders and agoraphobia. so, i dont know. side effects are suicidal thoughts, hyperness, sleeplessness, and a host of other things i dont want to have. tristia said i cant take it. so, i didnt. i took some allergy meds and went to bed after midnight. I have aquired a cold sometime between being stressed out and waking up. so, my ears are itching and everything just feels yucky all over the place. I can't wait for today to be over. I think I might go to bed as soon as I leave. Yea, i know i should clean the house but I really just don't have the UMPH it takes to do so. laying in bed watching tv sounds so much more comforting ya know.
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