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so, i reread what i wrote yesterday and realized that i shouldnt be such a cuntrag and that came across really bad. So, i deleted it and decided not to let it get to me, i guess. We are all free to do whatever we want. So, if it makes her happy to look at my journal then whatever. i know that i wouldnt look at hers. it would be too much info that i dont need to know. its so easy to forget her and not worry about it, why would i want to read her shit and think about it? makes no sense but whatever.
anywho.. last night i went to kyles after work and we chilled. talked to the toysforpets kids. bonded like old times. it was fun. then sleepy time. today i went to lunch with tristia which was nice. and then went to carrie and cj's. we had good times laughing. told fun stories and talked about the issues that plague my daily life. and got a good book from carrie about femme stuff. i'm excited to read it. i like being GIRLY!! woohoo! anywho.. now i'm here. about to go get my dress from aunt sissy's house if i dont forget. lol.. i have like no fucking memory. i swear i have fried my brains out. i could barely keep up with my text conversation earlier. i kept forgettin what i was talking about. lol, seratonin withdrawal. haha. alright.. im out. sara is here we gonna chill.. tristia's mom is gonna make the corsage and butaneer. how supportive and cute is that. DONT FORGET TO GET DRESS (note to self)

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