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It took me 4 full hours to feel my limbs today. I got to work and it took a freakin hour to make quiche because I couldn't function. Then I actually fell asleep in the cafe`. I couldn't feel my legs. I was zombie like. Strange. At around 9:30 I started to be able to conversate and feel alive.
I realize how in love with Tristia I am. The past week has been a little nutty but really awesome. I am happier with her than I have been in such a long time. It's like we just started our relationship. I just can't get enough of her cuteness. She holds me when I sleep and kisses my forehead when she thinks I am not conscious. aww. This weekend was long as hell but SO good. I had this chic tell me I was beautiful. Then she went and told tristia that she thought I was beautiful. How nice is that? At the bar everyone kept saying 'your wife' this or 'your wife' that to the both of us and it was just adorable. I am not used to anyone referring to us like that and it made me smile. People I don't even know were like 'congrats on getting married' lol because someone said they heard we did. It's fun how nice people are sometimes.
I have a German test today and I hope I do well on it. I feel lazy but I will be going to my classes today. I guess I should eat something before I go to school.. xoxoxo

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