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in an attempt to be inclusive and make me feel special today i was the topic of my sociology class. every example was 'Amos is this and Amos is that' (amos being my last name) grr. He actually used me as the example of a married heterosexual woman! I was like, didn't we have this talk about assuming sexuality. He could have said married but went on with 'with a husband' bla bla. not that the conversation was anything big just social sets and roles. but i was pointed out every freakin time. he gave me the gay movie today 'attack on gay america'. I will be sure to watch it ASAP and let you all know how it goes. Never has he singled another student by name.. until me. now that I have made myself known I guess I should be prepared, right. He also marked a bunch of questions wrong on my test that were correct. so, he has to change my grade. fucker. i am supposed to be making up some keyboarding work but i cant find the program. she said it was on all the computers in the lab, i think she lied. so i dont know what she will have me do when i show up. also, tris lost her phone and the apartment people called me to come get it. So, tris had left me a message using g's phone saying she was gonna leave her car unlocked so i could get my dinner out of the lunchbag and if i found her phone leave it. ok, i go get her phone and go to her car and ITS LOCKED. so, i am starving with no time to go anywhere to eat. I wish she didn't do this silly shit. I wanna smack her (ass). lol. I guess its time to play on myspace now. i'm out.

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