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I had a kick ass time at the Triangle last night. TJ WON!!! this is such a spectacular thing because the 'regulars' never cheer on a newbie (to the bar), especially someone from OUT OF TOWN! That really goes to show that Flint might be evolving a little more than we had previously expected. I am so excited/happy for him. He did an awesome fucking job. People were recognizing him from Transgeneration and it was good times. Stonewall also performed. IT WAS HOT SHIT! I talked to Staci a bit and I like her. She is hella good times. Tristia did really good, too. I think she was nervous because she hadn't performed in like 6 months but she did well. I love her in that suit. It's like woah. Lots of good people were there. I saw folks I haven't seen in such a long time. Lots of hugs and dancing and awesome times. Unfortunately, I drank a little more than planned so I am so icky and now I have to go to 8 hours of LDIR. Tris was late to work. She actually got up and dressed on time and had spare time so she came back to bed. Well, for whatever reason, the alarm didn't go off and at 5:30 (30 mins after she was late) her work called. It was like OMG. At that time, I had 2 hours of sleep and was so dizzy i didnt care i just wanted more blankets. They still haven't turned the furnace on here. *frowns* Then I slept for a few more hours until wake up. I have blow dried my hair but I can't find the energy to curl it now. FUCK. It will be a long day. I wonder who is catering? I don't have time to make myself anything so I will have to scarf on whatever they feed us since Lorna cancelled the Bean Counter catering. it will be a day, a long fucking day.
THANKS to everyone who came out last night. (T you fucking rock with your drunk ass humpin me from behind)

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