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where is my cupcake?

blah. just sittin here talking to aunt amy abotu family shit. blah.. i have such a long day tomorrow. babysit jordyn from 10-1, bday party at 3, gender and java at like 5, pampered chef at 7.. party later!! woah.. i have a lot of people to see. today has been ok. i read thru my old journal. omg, i cant believe some things that i wrote about and let her read. its embarrassing. lol. but its all good times just as well. and i dreamed that tristia was with me last night and i woke up and she wasnt there and it was sad. lol. i'm pathetic. david and i presented out report to CLEF this morning. it went well. no one had any questions so it was EASY! we just talked a whole lot and then left. lol. and we ate at the Farmers market and i had good bananas!! YAY! it was cuteness. could i go a day without someone asking me about r, please?!
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