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so the accountant says ' you are $100 short, what are you gonna do about it'. We talk to employee, brainstorm what could happen, talk to accountant again. I say ' lets look at that paperwork again. I want to count the money'. We go to accountants office. ALL THE MONEY WAS THERE. Someone can't count.. after we were thinking about firing someone because of a loss like that. motherfucker. sometimes people are dumb 'but i counted it 3 times'. oh well. i had enough time to get home and do dishes, type up the paper and now update before class. grrs. maintenance is gonna come fix the broken window today, i called them. thats super good. i also told them how the kitchen light only works sometimes. the kitties are at their grandparents (tris parents) so we dont have to worry about gettin in trouble. we are such bad parents.
i have been feeling a little crazy lately with lots on my mind and stuff to do. i need to get my shit together.
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