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memory lane

Today when I got out of work (11am) the leaves were blowing all around and it was chilly and WONDERFUL. I was reminded of this time last year. Tristia and I were looking for places we wanted to move together. One day we went out into the woods behind her parents house and picked up leaves that weren't crackled and falling apart. Then we colored over them.. I used to do this as a kid. The idea was we were going to make them wall art, but we never did. I think I have them somewhere and I want to get them out and hang them.. or go pick more leaves and color them. They make wonderfully cute pieces of 'art'. I can't believe we have been living together for almost a year. damn, seems like forever. We have been in love so long.. geez. i sound old don't i?
anyway, tomorrow night is MOVIE NIGHT at our house and we are watching SAVED! if you want to come over. We provide the popcorn. Movie goes in around 6pm. Tomorrow Tris goes through Challenging Racism and I am excited for her to learn. I love it!

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