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I just bought the plane tickets for us!!!!!!!! I am so excited that we are going to Alabama. I was even able to get tickets coming back the day BEFORE my birthday so I don't have to travel that day. yippee!! I am so stoked. 8 whole days with my family/friends and I don't even have to be in the car for 12 hours. I was glad we got to pick our seats. I hope they aren't sucky seats. hehe. It only cost $403 total for both of us to go which is hella cheap. When I flew my mom here it was $458 for one person round trip. I am so HAPPY she is coming with me. I can't wait to be there but I have to wait. It's a whole 2 months away. Tris gets her family for Xmas and I get mine for New Years. Everyone is happy. I hope that I can take vacation days. lol. otherwise, that will sort of suck.
went to the haunted thing and it made me mad. we paid $13 to be scared and all I got was trampled. literally. These 2 girls were scared so we let them walk with us (me and tris) and then they got really scared in one room and pushed me into a wall and I fell, skinned my knees then everyone fell on me. I was crying and I couldnt get them off of me and it was really dark and i hurt. Finally we got our shit together but I was so upset and hurting i couldnt really enjoy myself and i think it would have been way better had I not have been pissed off/hurting. Because after that all I did was focus on getting the fuck through the stupid ass thing. When I got out I looked at my knees and they have like NO skin on them at all. that sucked a lot. We went to the new improved Starlite on Center Road. It's really nice and CLEAN. no fetus bathroom anymore. Sara, Brian, Krista, and Gary were with us. Then we all went to the bar and had an okay time. I think I was just really tired from being up all day so I wasn't feeling very bar-ry. I had a decent time though. We came home and went to bed then woke up today to total disarray. LMAO. some crazy shit happened lastnight here at my house but I am not able to divulge such details.

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