BILLI (billinaction) wrote,


- last things

[last word you said] not much

[last song you sang] down..something corporate

[last thing you laughed at] roxanne this morning.. she wants my pants back

[last time you said 'i love you'] uh, prolly to adam today

[last time you cried] grr..i think thursday


[what color socks are you wearinq] rainbow toe socks

[current annoyance] stupid lesbians

[current book] The Fountainhead: Ayn Rand

[ current favorite article of clothing] the Lucky shirt i bought last week

[favorite place to be] in bed with someone i care about

[least favorite place] my car

[strong in mind or strong in body] strong in mind

[time you wake up in the morning] 7:25

[favorite color] green

[do you believe in an afterlife] sure

[how tall are you] 5 foot 4

[current favorite words/sayings] i'm sorry.. homo
[favorite season] spring

[one person you wish was here riqht now] you wouldnt believe me if i told you

[favorite day] tuesday

- past.

[kindergarten teacher's name] Mrs. Bryant

[1st grade teacher's name]??

[2nd grade teacher's name] Mrs. ?

[3rd grade teacher's name] Mrs. Blackburn

[4th grade teacher's name] Mrs. Astin

[5th grade teacher's name]

[6th grade teacher's name] Ms. Hurley

[7th grade teacher's name] lots

[in cd player] I'M depressed Cd 2002..

[on feet] new balance

[under bed] sheet set

[what time you got up] 8:00

[time it is now] 2:40pm

- future.

[you want to grow up to] constant affection, happiness

[ideal job] something intellectually stimulating

[you want to live] down south

[kind of car] something in the last decade

- current.

[mood] sleepy, awnry(?), confused

[music] emo.. i guess..

[taste] mashed potatoes would be nice

[hair] um.. short, layered. cute

[attire] MI sweeter, corduroys, red shirt

[desktop image] i'm at school so its just some mott bull shit

[favorite music artist] something corporate, alix olsen, catie curtis, melissa ferrick, dashboard confessional

[fingernail color] deep purple

[crush] no one in particular this week

[hate] bieng lonely

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