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family bonding

fuck the family! i am so seriously pissed off at all the people around flint that are related to me. Everyone that i talked to said 'i'll be there' guess what? NO ONE CAME!! talk about hurt. I hurt for my neice and nephew. that was unfair to them. I know that Brian was there (baby's daddy) and that we all hate him. trust me, i hate him more. He called and i asked him if he was gonna be there and he's like why wouldnt i be.. and i just wanted to say ' you werent here a year ago when he was born ' but i didnt say it. I was there with my mom and roxanne holding her hand and crying when she was screaming in pain, wanting his ass to be there. but no, he cant make it to the delivery but comes to the birthday. FUCK HIM! anyway, back to hating again. and so no one was there but me, tristia, laura, prec, dee, and the kids. OMG, the kids were out of control. I want kids, just not ones like them. and they were all over tristia. I am very bitter that my aunts and uncles and grandparents didnt show. that is fucked up. whatever.
i had a lot to do today, but now im fucking exhausted and i just want to go to sleep for serious. and i am going to. I am not going to the PC party b/c my aunt didnt come to elijiah's party. and fuck that. no way! so yea, i am gonna go to sleep and then write tris back when i get up, maybe. apparently i look cute today. dee said i look butch lol. i feel different today. i dont feel overly cute.. my boobs look nice tho and it makes me smile. party tonight at our place.
PS i totally forgot to mention that i ran into K at the bar and she told me some interesting things that i didnt really wanna know, i guess. it made me more mad, and made me feel like an idiot for everything. i met this fun chica julie who likes to dance. so we had a drink and we danced and it was fun times. it was good to go to the bar and enjoy my friends AND my girlfriend. Everything was happy and everyone got along. and smiles were abundant!

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