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fucking fucked up fuckers!!
Damn new girl no call no show 3 days in a row. Hopefully the CEO will let us rehire Sara. P was gonna talk to her today because we absolutely have to have another person in there. On top of the fact that Marshay didn't show up today either. Did they both quit? WTF is going on? What a pain my my ass. But alas, today is okay. I didn't get the Racial Justice job.. there was a letter waiting for me on the counter this morning. woot. Oh well. Things will be okay. I am trying to get a plan together for WTF I am going to do after I get my associates. I really want to take some time and just work but I know I can probably just go to school and get my BA one day in the not so far future. I don't want to go to UM-Flint because it's hella expensive and they don't teach German there. I hate to drive so I don't really want to commute to Eastern or SVSU which are the options I am holding that are affordable. Tristia and I discussed moving somewhere in the middle so that I wouldn't have to drive so much. It's so strange that I will be done with my Ass. of Arts so soon. I thought I'd never get this far. If calculations are correct, I only need 6 more credits. That means German 2 plus something else fun. Enough babble I am off to get ready for class.

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