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good friends

i 'met' Tom today. For the first time since we have become new friends we actually had a talk that let me see a different side of him. It made me happy that he was comfortable enough to share things with me. I told him things too, you know, things I don't talk about to just anyone. I like new friends. It makes me happy to know someone else has been crushed as I have. We can tell eachother stories and cry together.
No one will ever take my SAD's place though. She has my heart (in the bestest friend sort of way) as does MAB (in the if we were the same orientation lovey way)
Good night and remind me to:
1. Do German homework in manual
2. Study for Sociology test
3. Print pics to scrapbook tomorrow
4. find out about other volunteer opportunities in LGBT community
5. kiss Tristia as many times as possible.

OH! everyone should check out the queerpenpals community. meet fun people from all over
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