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today i really got moving, i was at work at 5am. I havent done that in a long time.
Rosa Parks died and that makes me sad. Not that we knew one another or anything but still.. a great lady died.
In Sociology we talked about causes of poverty and whose fault is it. It made me sad to think that so many people think poor people stay poor because they like it. 'if they wanted to do better, they could,' 'there are resources that they aren't taking advantage of', 'they want to be on welfare'! sometimes people are so damn frustrating. My teacher told me I was wrong about certain countries offering aid to families with children. I knew I was right but he said no country would do that. Canada and Germany both do. FRRGK!
Today at 2pm there is a meeting for all folks that are interested in being in our drag show November 17th. Then at 2:30 I am supposed to meet with someone about some student gov't stuff. 3:30 is GSA meeting. then to dinner. then scrapbooking and lastly homework. damn, i am a bad organizer of time. will go finish marking things out of the menu now.

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