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i dont feel like making 100 cookies today. i feel very overwhelmed and frustrated with the daily demands of life. work is really busy right now so i'm constantly going which is good b/c the time flies by but its bad because i can't keep up with cafe cooking b/c i am doing so much catering stuff. i dont know what i will do when P has surgery. cry.
i got a friend request on myspace from this girl that i really dont like and i can't fucking believe she sought me out as a friend. i hate seeing her picture or even thinking about her so why the fuck would i want you as my friend? i dont like bitches who try to 'woo' my girl when i am at work. (yes, i am still not over it) fucker. stay in Cali.
i only did 1/2 of the studying needed for the Sociology test today. I didnt even start on the German homework. yesterday was just really long and i had no time to do anything it seemed. i went to bed at 8:30 and was up at 4:45. Why am I not at work already? I decided I wanted to eat breakfast and play online. I hope that I won't be behind because I wasn't there at 5 as I had hoped. i really need to head out now. another day of working hard.

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