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I skipped German in order to make up my Sociology studying since I have a test. I will just do the homework and email it to her. fuck. today was insane. i hate when people are sick. i cant help but be bitter when we are so fucking busy and someone wants to go home. then i have to work on overdrive with finishing cutting 120 pieces of bread and running register, making sandwiches/salads, and generally being a smiley person. WITH A TIME LIMIT.. i have to be out early to go to class (even tho i skipped, damn me) so i really had a hell of a lot to do with like ZERO time it seemed and then i had to jet out of the YWCA leaving P to do the catering order and deliver. this is why we should hire someone who is flexible. it sucks having to work around others schedules. next semester the classes that i need are in the morning and i dont know how that's gonna fly with me needing to work at the YW.
i think i am gonna write and submit something for the transgender monologues. sometimes i just dont feel like my stories are good enough or transy enough. i have so many stories about friends and tristia and i could make a book.. but what is good enough to share? What do people want to hear about? first time i saw her binding? when she stood up in front of the whole MBLGTACC and said she was genderless? or do i talk about going with my friend to the Dr to get his first prescription of Testosterone and the way Rite-Aid acted, the first shot? the changes in him? what is important? what is interesting? to me its special moments but to many it might not even matter. ahh.. so confused.

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