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Billi's Halloween Experience

Last night Sara and I went to East Lansing for the Rocking Kyle and Roxanne party. oh my goodness, they should have just had the party in Flint since there were so many Flint people would of saved us on driving. It was a really great time. Of course, Roxanne got wasted and threw up for about 2 hours. There was a guy who thought he was cool and we all hated him. He was dressed in hunting clothes (not army fatigues) and was trying to touch everyone and made rude ass comments. Then he screamed at everyone outside really loud and so the neighbors called the police. They got a warning about noise and so the guy FINALLY left. Some people were really drunk and funny and some people were just cool to be around. I had really great conversations with people about the different kinds of things we talk about in LDIR. It was nice to get other peoples opinions and to really listen to a side of things I dont usually expose myself to. yay for that. at about 3am sara and I headed home on that long highway and i drove about 100 miles an hour which is extreme for me. we talked all the way about homophobia and racism and changing oneself to be a better person. I like talking to her about that, often times we don't talk about things like that because our views are so different. It's so interesting to be so different from your bestfriend but still love eachother. I admire her so much sometimes.
anyway, i went in drag lastnight. i will tell you all that passing as male = NOT EASY. oh my goodness, I was binding with bandages, which i have never doen, and it was the hardest, most uncomfortable, feeling ever. I couldn't hardly move. The facial hair gave me a challenge as well but I did well in the end. I look kind of hispanic and like Kyle. and those 2 things are totally opposite looking. I have a new respect for the work that grrls go through in order to look more masculine.
today is catch up. i have homework to do. scrapbooking to work on. then i am gonna go to my aunts to get my halloween presents from mom b/c she never sends the shit to my house. lol. i'm out.

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