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i'm tired. M called in today which is so frustrating because its one of my school days which means this interupts the flow of the day with me having to work cafe and P also having to work the afternoon after I leave.
I have my moms scrapbook 1/2 done and that's a huge fucking accomplishment. I am sending it down south with my aunt so my sister can add what she wants into it. Then hopefully it will be ready for her bday Dec 15th. I am really excited to give it to her. I think she will really love it. When I moved up here I made her a scrapbook my senior year of different family events and things. This one will be MUCH better than that one because its made with lots of love from me and my siblings and my neice and nephew.
Tomorrow is movie night if anyone wants to come. its at our house, as always, and we are watching Fried Green Tomatoes. You know you wanna come over. Doors open at 5:30 and movie promptly (not on gay time) starts at 6pm.
I dropped my pics off today from this weekend. I think its gonna be hella interesting to look at myself in drag and everyone else being so funny looking. lol. HOW FANTASTIC.
I havent been to class in a week so i really have to go. I only need 3 credits after this semester!! HELL YEA! and it needs to be a writing course, so i have decided to take History b/c i dont want another english and none of the other classes i want count as writing. lol. so German 2 plus History and I AM FINISHED! now to decide where I want to go, I dont know if I should reapply to MSU, Eastern, and SVSU or try UM-Flint. I really can't afford to go there though, so i dunno. i have SOME time to think about it.

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