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old age

i realize that i am one of the oldest people in my class. today we went around saying the year we were born (in Deutche) and I was like OMG, people born in 1987 and stuff. geez, i never realized how long I have been in college. I feel like a 12 yr old most of the time so its so weird to know i am one of the older kids in class. I want to hide from it. I think I am going to apply to all of the colleges i am interested in and see what happens. that's how i did it the first time around and i got accepted to all but 4 of my top choices w/financial aid from each. eheh. we will see what happens.

On another note:
1. a movie to watch
2. a song to listen to
3. a place to visit
4. a friend on your friends list
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