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kitties on a rampage

the other day Gaz went pee in the OLD litterbox. I don't know why. He just walked into the uncovered, old box and pissed. I was like WTF is going on. I think that he was mad b/c tristia hadn't cleaned out their new one yet ( a nice covered sifting one) and so he remembered we still had the old one. I dunno. it was funny but stinky, too. I was telling a friend about it and he said that animals dont get mad at humans like humans get mad at one another. lol. i dont know if i agree with that. i mean, i know when they need loving and food and all that just by how they cry to me. how can i say that he randomly pissed in an empty litterbox? i think he was making a point 'clean it bitch or else'. LOL.
what do you think about this? do animals retaliate against their owners?

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