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starting the day of WRONG

its early, i am awake. its saturday. i should technically be sleeping until about 9am but no, its a LDIR saturday so i am up and running. i really wish i had time to stop at starbucks to get a carmel frappacino. that would make the day start off right. but i dont have time. i am going in early so that i can set up the coffee and water stuff by 8:20. yeah me.
Lastnight Tom and Brian came over and we had a great time. we had a good dinner and then the 2 of them spent like 3 hours fixing the computer. not that it was broken or anything, but they were making it even 'cooler' apparently. I just let them do it and trust that they won't screw anything up. but this damn system utility thing keeps coming up so whatever. maybe it will go away soon. i started feeling sick yesterday.. you know the beginning achyness and sore throat. Today my throat burns, my ears itch(thats always a sign of sickness for me) and i can barely breathe. this is gonna be a fantastic LDIR day i can tell already. But i look really cute and that makes up for anything bad. hehe.
We are doing ethnic histories today so i hope its interesting. i did the homework and left it on the computer in an openscreen. well somehow, the computer got turned off, paper not saved. that sucks a lot. i think i can remember a lot of it and its depressing. i was doing research on Alabama. woah. in 1820 there were like 30,000 african american people there and only 600 of them were not slaves. 10 years later the number of slaves had TRIPLED. and for the next 40 years its was multiplying at a fast rate. i didnt realize that there were so many slaves down south. they didnt exactly teach that in highschool Alabama history class. but i guess i shouldn't be surprised. there are several black colleges in alabama and in the middle and lower parts of the state it is a lot less segregated.. unlike where i am from. anyway, enough of me babbling. i am off to LDIR. i really want to nap. my throat hurts.

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