BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

today is today

today was lazy as hell. i didnt do much of anything productive.. caught up on some episodes of ONTL and All My Children. (pathetic, i know this) tristia finally came home and we went to buy some ink b/c i used it all scrapbooking pictures. we also bought some NOTE CARDS. woohoo. I love notecards. it means i get to send people mail. and people like mail so that makes me happy. we bought season 2 of LWord. Tristia couldn't hold off any longer. she had to have it. hehe. sara is watching it with us right now and is totally addicted hehe. we will have to get together every few days for 4 hours of LWord marathon. its fun times. i havent done my homework. i am bad. bowling was cancelled b/c there was no power over there for whatever reason. tsk tsk.

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