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sleepy sunday

Today is slow so far. i stayed in bed sort of late. I took Tristia to work this morning and on the way home something interesting happened. (at 5am) I saw a truck stopped on Bradley at the bottom of the hill by the garage area. I was thinking whomever was driving must be dropping someone off. So, when I got around to there. This man jumps out of the truck and stops in front of me. Ok, here is where everything in my head reminded me of those warnings 'never open the door for anyone if you are alone. be worried about men at night'. So, I thought should i roll down the window and lock the door, drive by, or what. So, I rolled down the window..sort of hesitant here not knowing the situation. He says that he needs some help. Again, i am thinking of all those horror stories about rape/murder victims where some guy just needs some help finding something or whatever. I ask what can I do for him. He says, "oh, well maybe you can't help." Then goes on to tell me that his truck is out of gas and he needs help pushing it up into the parking area which is UP HILL. I think for like 2 seconds and I help him. I always hate when people dont help me when i have a problem so i had to do it. I parked and got out to help push. Here we are a really skinny man, who has been drinking (i could smell it), and a weak, tired billi. We push and we push and we get it to the parking area but we CAN NOT get it into the area. The hill is just too steep and we weren't strong enough. I suggested he call the police and maybe they could help him with the situation. heh. interesting. I never think about how quickly one thinks in a situation. A million things were running through my mind as this 8 minute encounter was occurring. Interesting. But i put the fear aside and was able to help someone. this is what bothers me.. all the times that we have set out being told waht to be afraid of and what not to do b/c of the bad consequences. what if it is an innocent situation? hrrm.
CAT SITUATION #2 - the damn cats have starting pissing in the craft corner. it wouldn't be so bad if they werent pissing on pictures and things but its really annoying that they continue to ignore their litter box. This is the 2nd time this week I have had to clean up the pee in the corner. I dont know what is in the corner that is so exciting they want to pee on it. its frustrating.
today I am going to PFLAG which is a big move for me because I haven't been in a long time after some members made really ageist comments about young folks. I am determined for this to be a good experience. I know that some younger kids will be there who are just coming to terms with their sexuality and I think that they need to know that there are other people out there who support them. Finding a community of people that are around your age can be hard when you are taht young.
in the mean time, i have to pick up around the house and stuff. yee haw

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