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It is snowing and I feel blah

Today it is really snowing here. It looks amazing though. I like watching it from the inside. :)
I went to the Doctor.. my regular doctor office. My insurance requires me to see my primary physician for preexisting conditions and the fact that he has been 'treating' me for it. My options were to go see him and get a referral to another primary, get a referral to a specialist, or just fucking see him. So, I called the office and he is out today and there is a sub doctor. I definitely was like get me in. So, at 10:30 I went and saw this other doctor. Ok, back up a little, I researched online first to see what it MIGHT be. Then Gina printed out some things for me about Pilonidal disease. She had a condition like mine before. Ok, back to the doctor. He asks what's going on, I told him that Dr. R has been looking at it since March. He asked me what did I think it was, and I told him I thought it was Pilonidal. (its a very painful cyst that grows on tailbone and has to be surgically removed in most cases) He had me lay down on my stomach (which my doctor never did) and he thoroughly examined the area, even pressing on it which hurts so bad. Then he said he thought the same thing and talked to me about treatment. Basically, warm baths and this solution stuff. Back in 10 days to see Dr. R and if its not better I should get a referral to a surgeon. I was so glad that he actually talked to me about it and he had one before so he understood the situation. Mine isn't as big as most (THANK GOD) so it may not be operable yet. I might have to wait until it gets larger, which sucks. i read up and it says it doesnt go away. at no point. antibiotics dont help it either. So, basically, the options are to live with it or get it removed. Ah, the options. I dont really want to be cut on right there because it will hurt a lot when its done. and i hear it smells really bad, too. At leat i know what the hell it is, right. I went to get the solution thing filled.. and I CANT. my insurance doesn't cover this type of medication. so I guess I am just gonna rough it til I go to the doctor again. fuckers.
back to its snowing.. YAY.. sort of. Tom is sick and missed the student gov't board meeting. i am so sad. i wanted to love on him. I really hope it doesnt snow a whole lot. I really dont want to drive so much in the snow but I promised Gary a shopping trip today.

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