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today is gonna kick ass hard core. I already have my turkey cooking. I am about to get started on some other things I have to make. Tristia will be home soon to help out with things. Sara is telling me that my turkey is popping.. i dont know why. Gary cleaned up the living room. and, once again, the cats pissed in the corner. Not just any corner, though, the Christmas corner. Meaning, the place where we have our wrapping paper, the stuffing paper, boxes, nametags, and gifts. So yes, things got pee'd on and I am very sad. I went to wrap presents and the strong odor of pee was there. I feel like we need to put something large in every corner to keep them from doing the pee thing. Tristia just steam cleaned all the rooms, too, so that makes it even more sad. I have all of our Christmas cards made out, though, so that's a good thing, right? I try to get that stuff done early so that all I have to do is mail shit out. Yesterday we shopped all day. We went with Ryan in the mornign and with Sara and Gary in the afternoon. It was a good day, I must say. We had dinner at Tony's and it was good, too. Sara and I went to the bar which was an okay good time. I think Jesse finally realizes that I don't hate her and that I am a normal person just like anyone else. She has thought I hate her for a long time and I don't. I made J mad accidentally and that really sucks. We were just jokin around and stuff but yea, that tends to happen when people drink and are sensitive. We went home and on our way in the house we saw a BABY kitten in the snow. She was hiding under a car, couldn't have been more than 6 weeks old. We couldnt get her to come out and that made me sad, too. I had tristia look for her this morning so we could get her inside but she couldnt find the kittie when she left for work. I hope she found a warm place or someone got her inside. Aww. just chillin today and doing the domestic thing. I love being me sometimes!

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