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If you want to know how I feel, ask me.
If you want to know how I identify, ask me.
If you want to know if my partner is a female - SHE IS
If you have any other questions, please ask us. Making assumptions is not gonna get you far. Picking someones feelings and identity for them can be VERY harmful and dangerous.
Who are you to tell someone how to handle personal situations?
I know I am guilty of this at times, too, but sometimes we all react differently to different life situations. We aren't all going to act the same fucking way when something serious happens.
Hrrm, if you want to know me, you can.
I think I am over it. We hurt one another and I think we are done now.
Damn, at least I hope so.
If one more person tries to persuade me of me and my wifes identity, I think I will have to VOMIT on them.
yea, this goes for you too, VE
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