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Just a few thoughts

Is posting something something in your lj 'running around telling everyone'? I was wondering. I thought that the purpose of these "journal's" were for a person to express how they felt and if you so choose to read it then that's your choice. So, are we conciously running around spreading things if we are writing in our personal (and i use that loosely) journal? hrrm. Oh well. I was wondering because I have been accused of that as have others that I know.
Another issue at hand, maybe sometimes I am uncomfortable talking about my feelings, not the subject that sparked them. This seems to be a constant thing with folks thinking I dont want to talk about something or that I am uncomfortable discussing things. It's not that the topic is hard, its that my feelings are difficult. Like, I wouldn't stand up in front of 50 people and say that my feelings were hurt because.. bla bla bla. I have done that once, it was hard. Would I do it again, probably not. I don't like that sort of thing with putting myself on display. I dont talk about my feelings about a lot of topics and I guess that gives off the impression that I am not supportive of the cause or that I am embarrassed somehow. not true.
Richard and Craig emailed us and they are really excited that we want to come there. Their main concern is with her mother and that we talk to her parents before we make any decisions. It has been a hard year on them after all. Which, I said that to Tristia earlier. I just want everything to be cool. WOAH! I think that I will work and let tristia finish school. Maybe take one class but not go more than 4 credits until she is out of school. I will wait to enroll until I am concidered a resident. That totally cuts down on tuition costs. I am gonna look online at the area that they live in and start finding out what we can do there. WOOO FREAKIN HOO. I haven't been this excited about something since.. geez... since we decided to get married.
My friend just got out of jail after like 40 hours in insaneness. She was searched like a drug dealer would be, her car trashed, her belongings thrown about. She was denied meds for diabetes and other conditions. She did not have food. The judge even thought she was there for some sort of drug thing (it was something else). Its so crazy the things that people do to get back at someone. I hope that I never piss someone off so much that they would file some bogus charges on me. I feel so bad for my friend and her partner, her kid, her family. I hope that they file a complaint against the police department. fuckers.

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