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Family Dinner

Today we invited Tristia's family over for dinner. This consisted of her parents, her grandparents, and her aunt. I made Mozzarella Chicken and spaghetti. It was GREAT. We had cheesecake and peach pie for dessert. Everyone loved our food. We had good conversation. I talked to her mom about Minnesota and she approves of the move. She said as long as Tristia doesn't cut her out of her life then it's okay with her. She just doesn't want to be forgotten about if we leave. I was very impressed with her statements and how much she wants us to be happy in whatever we do. It was really nice to hear her say that she wants us to make ourselves happy. I was totally freakin about her grandparents being here because of all our 'gay' stuff. We have our commitment certificate on the wall in the walk-in not to mention all the pictures of us and the freakin computer saver says 'I love Tris'. LOL. I was like OH GOODNESS, they totally can't be in denial now. Everyone was great, the evening was great. I have been really irratible all day because I didn't get much sleep. I worked at the Bean Counter this morning for a few hours for a catering order and I just wasn't really feeling like work that early on a Saturday. Sleep is nice. All day I planned on napping but I never got a chance because we did a lot of other things like cleaning the house and shopping for presents for the Christmas party tomorrow. hrrm. Now I am exhausted. Roxanne was gonna hang out with us but she went to Lauren and Jen's instead. So, that's cool. I talked to her today for like the first time since her Halloween party. Her family has had a lot of bad things happen in the last few months and we talked about all that stuff. Sometimes I really miss being her friend. I just want to sit and talk to her but we never get those chances. Instead we get phone conversations that never seem to say it all. I guess I just like to talk to people that I trust to be honest/real with me, people I have had a connection with.
gonna wrap presents now and then to sleep. Sorry that I dont have anything exciting today.

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