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weekend fun times

Yesterday I slept until 11, how exciting! I got ready and we went to the Pettey Christmas Party (her dads family) and it was good. There was great food and good people. I got a really cute notepad that's shaped like a dress, it made me smile. Tristia got some UGLY pillows that we are regifting at the Atkinson party next week (we got Kims permission to do so) and candles. Great Grandma gave us giftcards to Meijer which was fantastic because we needed to get some stuff anyway. So after 3 hours of Christmas excitement we went bowling for 5 hours. We had to make up a game from early November when the power went out. We did really good for being as exhausted as we were..
It was a good time except for the one asshole who always drives me up the fucking wall. He was really rude/mean to Gary and I thought I was gonna kick him. I get really irritated when people see Gary as such an easy target, I never realized it until last night though. I was like, this is why everyone picks on him. So, I want us ALL to make a conscious effort not to make fun of him because of his differentness. I know that everyone picks up on a 'weird' vibe from him but lets try not to feed into it too much if we can help it. I hate having to always take up for him. He will just sit there and let people make fun of him and I am NOT okay with that. I wonder why he lets people talk to him like this bowler does, why doesn't he tell the guy that he is a rude fuck and that he's not going to take it anymore?! geez. I dunno. Sometimes being the protective sister doesn't really pay off.
More about Minnesota, I started talkin to some folks on myspace that are from the area and so thats cool. Her mom told her dad and we told her brother. I talked to her aunt about it. So, basically, most of the family knows now. yippee. Ryan really doesn't want us to go. I think it'll be hard on him and I understand. I remember when Roshaunda moved here and I was like no, dont leave me. Her dad is okay with it so long as she realizes he wont be flying to MN to fix her car when it fucks up. lol. Her aunt didnt really say much. I think that some people are thinking we are going there just because Richard and Craig are gay. I don't know though. Being near family that is at least openly queer friendly will be amazing. I will be farther away from my mom and I don't know if I will get to see her hardly as often as I want. It will be okay though. It is 16 hour drive and 1010 miles. WOAH. okie, i gonna get ready to take tristia to the doctor. she is still sicky.

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