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UPDATES and shit

it was time for some LJ changes.. so I have a much darker layout and some funny cat looking emoticons. WOOHOO. It feels wintery to have blue for some reason. I cleaned up the house half assed. You all know how great and fun that is, right? I did the kitchen and cleaned off the dining room table. I threw out more garbage than I even knew we had. OH GOODNESS. I don't know how we acquire so many things and don't even throw anything away right then. grrs. I washed the futon cover, it needed it. Did a little laundry. I have to go get it out of the drier pretty soon. Then I think I will nap before we go out to the bar. Tristia is performing in the ladies night show. yeehaw. I don't get to see 'Tom' enough. lol. I really love that side of her. She's gonna be so freakin tired though because she has to work at 5am. At least I don't go in until later.. like 7am.
Today was the 'holiday' party at work. it was okay. We made, what I thought was, a shitload of food. Still we ran out. How strange,right?! people didn't RSVP so we didnt make enough for all the nonrsvp people. Totally sucky. The GSA has decided to take our annual trip to the MBLGTACC this year, again. We were concidering other trips but this one just seemed like something that was good to do. Brian Ivory, awesome freakin ALLY, will be our chaperone. This makes me so happy. I bet that he learns so much from this. He made me promise to do a presentation with him if he went. So, Friday we are putting together some sort of workshop for the conference so that we can get our proposal in by the end of the month, as is required. I hope we do something interactive. Those are definitely the best ones. I am really excited about going to yet another state.. even farther away than I have been. Farther away in respects to my hometown, Grant, Alabama. College has really given me a chance to explore different things and places. WOAH! I never realized I was in for so much adventure.
Oh the home front, things have been crazy lately. We were both really stressed out for the past few weeks and its been a lot of bickering. I am so glad that we made up though. I don't know if I could take anymore madness/sadness/loneliness.
'Why don't you try and make me.. why don't you try and make me'

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