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DAMN this

stupid ass computer! i typed a long entry then it dies.. all lost.. so okay, I will write a short something.
Tristia is staying with me for a bit.. We have been having stupid Alabama weather here.. rain rain rain.. and her house flooded, particularly her room because its in their basement! yea, it sucks. She is sad. :( i feel bad. I like seeing her in the mornings though.. even tho she gets up WAY too early.
I am half way done with The Femme Mystique. Its fucking awesome! I was reading this story earlier about this chic whose partner could 'pass' and how that affected their relationship and her identity. It was good! It's so much to take in, interpret, sort through and analyze in my head. I like reading all this, though. It really has me thinking about labels, butch-femme, and other assortments in lesbian life.
I listened to Alanis Cd Jagged Little Pill this morning for the first time in a long time. I forgot why I loved it so much! It has great songs on it! it really made me smile.
Last night because of the storms the speedway across the street lost power, as did most of Flushing except us. So, we were so busy, it was insane.. and Chris had to bring the stuff from the other store over to our store so that nothing would spoil.. which means i was working for like 2 hours alone while everyone within 20 miles was coming to get gas for generators and shit. It was insane. I never wanna say 'have a nice night' again. Time went by fast, it was just so busy. People were really nice though, since I was by myself. YUCKY! thank god for nice people. anywho.. I am out of here.. before this dies and erases again.
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