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I got a 4.0 on my Sociology. Like I was worried, right? haha. I missed class alot because he made me insane but I stuck it out and I am really proud of myself. i really expected a better grade on the final but that's okay. I won't hate him too much for it. I just got out of work, I know, it sucks. Health Department came in today and we got several violations. Some criticals that have to be checked up on SOON. So, that blows. I was done so I came home .. early.. i sort of hate that. I wish there was more for me to do sometimes. It's the slow holiday season and there is nothing going on at all. On another note, 3 weeks no school.. 7 days til alabama!.. and we get a really big very expensive gift from Richard and Craig on Saturday. They will be here Friday and we have tentative plans for dinner. How exciting. We really are dying to know what the present is. I like presents. A family friend sent us a card and it had a wallet insert in it that told a story of Jesus. It is about how not being religious means you die lonely and blah.. Basically, it ends with go get saved now before your time runs out. I wasn't expecting that when I started reading the insert. Then I was like WOAH there is nothing like telling us what to do. hrrm. Today the cats are at the vet's office and we are steam cleaning the house. The vet is gonna check them for infections because of the problem, which is actually VERY common amongst young male cats, and suggested that we change their diets. So, any suggestions on a different food to buy? We currently feed them Friskies.. soft and hard food. I am going to go be cute.. or try.
I can't get over being excited about our trip!!
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